New Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls Trailer

BlizzCon 2013 has startet and a brand new awesome trailer for their new expansion to Diablo 3 has been released.

It shows some of the new game systems as well as new game modes.

The trailer features:

  • New game modes:
    • Campaign
    • Adventure
  • New game systems:
    • Bounties
    • Nephalem Rifts
    • All waypoints unlocked
  • Clans and groups
  • New artisan: The Mystery
    • Enchant items with new stats
    • Transmogrify items
  • Updated paragon system
    • Endless paragon levels
    • Select stats to core, offense, defense and utility

Beside this, reaper of souls also features lots of other new things like a new character to play and a new act.

Watch the trailer below

Diablo 3 Re-Copy Character to PTR (error 395015)

PTR (Public Test Realm) for patch 1.0.7 is online. My character has already been copied to the PTR, but i wanted to re-copy my character, as I have bought new items.

This gave me error 39015.

The solution: WAIT 72 HOURS and copy again.

There is a built in timer, if you want to copy your character to the PTR again, you have to wait 72 hours to do so.

Hope it helps.

Jay Wilson is leaving Diablo 3

Today Jay Wilson himself, posted a long thread on the Diablo 3 forums, about him leaving the Diablo 3 project. A new game designer is now to be hired. The first reactions on the forums and reddit, is that the fans are very happy about his decision.

From the official forums:

Hey everyone,

I wanted all of you to be some of the first to know that I’ve made an important decision about my future, and how that decision will affect the future of Diablo.

I recently celebrated my seven-year anniversary working on Diablo III, and while it’s been one of the most challenging and rewarding periods of my life, I’ve reached a point creatively where I’m looking forward to working on something new. The powers that be at Blizzard have been gracious enough to give me that opportunity. Over the course of the next several weeks, I will be moving off of the Diablo III project and transitioning elsewhere within Blizzard. This decision was not an easy one for me, and not one I made quickly, but ultimately it’s what I feel is right.

The first thing I want to assure you all is that this will not negatively impact our ongoing support of Diablo III. The game was not made by one person, far from it, and the team that poured their passion and considerable talent into it isn’t going anywhere. We have lots of things planned for the future, and those plans will carry forward as normal. I also won’t be abandoning the team, and will remain available to them during the transition period while we determine who will take over duties as game director.

To that point, you shouldn’t be surprised if you see a job posting for a game director on Diablo III, as we want to make sure we explore every opportunity to find the best possible leadership for the project. We’re looking forward to finding this person and hearing what kind of fresh ideas they can bring to the table.

I’m proud of Diablo III, and despite our differences at times I will miss the community that has formed around it. I feel I have made many mistakes in managing that relationship, but my intent was always to provide a great gaming experience, and be as open and receptive as possible, while still sticking true to the vision the Diablo team has for the game.

I know some of you feel we fell short of our promise to release the game “when it’s ready.” While we’re not perfect, we try to make the best decisions we can with the information and knowledge we have at the time. That doesn’t mean we always make the right decisions, but if we made a mistake then I feel we’ve made an exceptional effort to correct it.

This is what you can always count on from Blizzard: that we will stand by our games and make every effort to continually improve them over time. We heard the feedback and suggestions from the community. For example, we agreed that Diablo III’s itemization at launch was not good enough, so the team made numerous changes, including changing drop rates, re-tuning legendaries, and adding scores of new items to the game. We also agreed that the end game needed more depth, so the team added new events, and new systems like Monster Power and Paragon levels.

Our commitment to making our games as good as they can be is what has always defined Blizzard as a game studio, and that commitment never ends for us at a ship date. With your help, we’ll continue to play, debate, and improve Diablo III, as we’ve done with every Blizzard game.

To that end, patch 1.0.7 is underway, the PTR is live, and there are many other great things brewing for Diablo in 2013. I’m leaving Diablo III in good hands, and my departure will not jeopardize the progress of the game as we continue to do what we do: listen, play, and improve.

You are the most passionate, dedicated group of gamers a designer could hope to have. I wish you all the best, and want to thank you for making this an amazing experience for me. Keep your axes sharp, your spell books handy, and that crafty devil in check.


Read more about the fans comment on this reddit thread.

Patch 1.0.7 Preview and Datamining

Patch 1.0.7 Preview (short version)

Read the full preview here.


How it Works:

To duel another player, you’ll need to speak with Nek the Brawler at the inn in New Tristram
Speaking with Nek will take you and your party to the Scorched Chapel, a new zone designed specifically for player combat
This zone has custom geometry and features four different areas: the church, the graveyard, the river, and the lake
Dueling currently supports up to four players in a Free-For-All format, which means you can battle your friends either one-on-one, three-player FFA, or a full four-player FFA
Our intent is to provide players a safe, opt-in location where they can fight one another for bragging rights (or maybe science) without the potential for griefing as it existed in Diablo II.

Additional Info:

If you die in the dueling world, you will be resurrected in the dueling zone Death is not permanent in the dueling zone, even for Hardcore characters You don’t take any durability damage while in the dueling zone When you’re done dueling you can take a portal out or use your Town Portal to return to town.

Class Updates

Wizards and monks are getting buffed.

The Wizard is seeing a damage buff to skills such as Arcane Orb, Blizzard, and Shock Pulse. We’re also making other small changes such as allowing Illusionist to reset the cooldown of Slow Time and increasing the slow effect of Temporal Flux from 30% for 2 seconds to 60% for 3 seconds.

The Monk is getting a big damage buff to all Spirit Spenders. One of the most common uses for Spirit is to recast Mantra of Conviction-Overawe for the 3 second bonus.  While this is totally legitimate, we want to provide alternate uses for your extra Spirit. As a result, we are greatly buffing all the damage-dealing Spirit Spenders to try and provide an alternate use for your Spirit.

Crafting Additions

In 1.0.7 they are adding a new set of Rare crafting recipes that will create account-bound gloves, pants, wrists, a chest piece, and an amulet.

More on this in datamining.

These new items will have six affixes and feature a primary stat (Str, Dex, Int, Vit) that extends higher than what is currently available in the respective slots. The items will also require an account-bound crafting reagent called Demonic Essence, which drops from Elite monsters in Inferno. Much like the reagents in the Infernal Machine event, the chance of getting a Demonic Essence will increase at higher Monster Power levels. Currently we are planning for a 20% chance to drop at Monster Power 0, and each Monster Power will increase the chance of Demonic Essence dropping by 15% (MP1 will be 23%, MP2 will be 26.45%, etc. up to 80.91% at MP10). These are the numbers we’ll be going to PTR with and are subject to change.

The Archon Armor recipe (the chest piece) can be purchased from Squirt the Peddler for 1.5 million gold. The other plans will drop randomly in the world, but also have a 50% chance to drop off the following bosses when you have five stacks of Nephalem Valor:

– Skeleton King
– Spider Queen
– Maghda
– Zoltun Kulle
– Ghom
– Cydaea
– Rakanoth
– Izual

New gems
A new tier gems. The current design is that these gems can be combined at the Jeweler for a substantial reagent and gold cost (3 Radiant Star gems, 20 million gold, and 1 Demonic Essence), and the designs will drop randomly from level 63 monsters around the world.

Monster Power Changes

– Monster power in public games
– Experience Bonuses in Inferno:

  • MP 1: 25% (up from 10%)
  • MP 2: 50% (up from 20%)
  • MP 3: 80% (up from 30%)
  • MP 4: 120%(up from 45%)
  • MP 5: 165% (up from 60%)
  • MP 6: 215% (up from 75%)
  • MP 7: 275% (up from 95%)
  • MP 8: 340% (up from 115%)
  • MP 9: 420% (up from 135%
  • MP 10: 510% (up from 160%)

Monster Affix Changes

– Reflects damage getting nerfed.
– Molten getting buffed.

Quality of Life Improvements

– Removing the incrementing resurrection timer on consecutives deaths.
– Increasing the base pickup radius by a small amount.

Patch 1.0.7 Datamined Info

The files for patch 1.0.7 look to have just hit, however as always please keep in mind the following before reading:
– These are NOT official patch notes. The following is Datamined information, there could be a few things off!
– IMPORTANT: some changes can not always be datamined, keep in mind there could easily be more changes to see in the official patch notes.
– The following is of the PTR patch, which means things may not be final, keep this in mind.

This is only what i find the most important datamined information! Full post can be found here.

New Gems

  • ​cost: 20000000
  • [Radiant Star (type of gem)]x3 [Tome of Secrets]x25 [Demonic Essence]x1

Archon Gauntlets of [ Dexterity, Intelligence, Strength, Vitality]

  • Quality: Rare
  • Stats: (issue reading affix values atm, but will be one of the above)
  • Random Props: 5
  • Cost: 25000
  • [Exquisite Essence]x50 [Tome of Secrets]x5 [Demonic Essence]x1

Archon Spaulders of [ Dexterity, Intelligence, Strength, Vitality]

  • Quality: Rare
  • Stats: (issue reading affix values atm, but will be one of the above)
  • Random Props: 5
  • Cost: 50000
  • [Tome of Secrets]x10 [Demonic Essence]x1

Archon Armor of [ Dexterity, Intelligence, Strength, Vitality]

  • Quality: Rare
  • Stats: (issue reading affix values atm, but will be one of the above)
  • Random Props: 5
  • Cost: 75000
  • [Tome of Secrets]x2 [Demonic Essence]x1

Razorspikes of [ Dexterity, Intelligence, Strength, Vitality]

  • Quality: ——
  • Stats: (issue reading affix values atm, but will be one of the above)
  • Random Props: 5
  • Cost: 25000
  • [Iridescent Tear]x25 [Tome of Secrets]x5 [Demonic Essence]x1

Amulet of [ Dexterity, Intelligence, Strength, Vitality]

  • Quality: —–
  • Stats: (issue reading affix values atm, but will be one of the above at least)
  • Random Props: 5
  • Cost: 100000
  • [Perfect Square [Gem typed based on amulet type]x1 [Fiery Brimstone]x1 [Demonic Essence]x1 Desktop App

  • RegionSelectionTooltip_App – Region selection is disabled when Diablo III is launched from the Desktop app.

Report Bots

  • ReportBotting – Botting
  • ReportBotting – Are you sure you want to report {s1} for botting?

PVP Consequences

  • Afraid of damaging your armor or weapons? That won’t happen over there.
  • In fact, no one even dies. Disappointing, really.


  • Be ready for anything.
  • Haha, hit ’em hard.
  • Oh, a bad temper’s a terrible thing to waste.
  • Off you go
  • Brawl with the best of ’em
  • Pain don’t hurt, you know?
  • Haha, time to fight rough
  • Ah, punch one for me
  • Now don’t do anything I wouldn’t.
  • Swing hard, worry later, haha.
  • Give ’em Hell.
  • Strike true.
  • You know, everyone needs a good beating now and then, right?
  • If you go down, take some bastards with you.


  • Some heroes are fighting each other in an area near here. Want to go?
  • Oh, and you didn’t hear about it from me.


  • Various debuffs for when effected by another player’s spells


  • PvP_Dueling_NPC – Nek the Brawler
  • ItemPassive_DemonChains – Demonic Slave
  • Fetish_Melee_ItemPassive – Fetish
  • ItemPassive_FallenChampion – Ghostly Fallen Champion
  • Angel_Trooper_A_sword_1H_004 – Angel Trooper
  • Skeleton_A_Unique_Ring_015 – Skeleton
  • SkeletonArcher_A_Unique_Ring_015 – Skeleton Archer

Duping in Diablo 3 (gems/items)

There has been lots of rumors lately of duping in Diablo 3.

A player called Moldran, made a video where he explains why he think duping is happening right now.


1) Gem Prices
Radiant Star Gems (highest quality gems) are down to 200-400k per piece on the Asian AH. Those gems cost 20 million gold to craft. In the European and US Auction House, gems also started to drop the price significantly since a few days.


2) Manticores
One and the same Manticore (1300+ DPS, 100 CD, 2 sox) is being used by at least 20+ players simultanously in Asia. They are 100 % identical Blizzard bluepost: ‘And given the way items and stats are generated in this game anyway–you’ll virtually never get the same item with the same stats twice.’


3) Showing of an old duping method
It is assumed that the new method works similar to the old one, and only a handful of players knows how to dupe items and gems on purpose.


Please raise awareness about this. Duping needs to be fixed instantly, or it will cause major damage to the economy and to the game overall, especially because there are no ladder resets planned in Diablo 3.

Watch the video below.

The video let to lots of discussion on the official forums as well on Reddit. We have yet to hear anything official from Blizzard.

This is the video Moldran refers to in his own video, claiming to be an old way to dupe.

Farming Inferno Monster Power 10 (MP10)

I was trying to farm Act3 MP10 today, just for fun.

Killed 3 elites, then I got a DC.

One time, I garthered a bunch of mops togheter an killed them all, couldn’t see anything on the screen but i managed to get some screenshots. It reminds me of the good old days of Cow level in Diablo 2.

My Enchantress did not survive :(

D3 Auction House Price Tracker (gold, plans, gems)

A good online tool for Diablo 3 – The Auction House Price Tracker!

Wondering when it’s the best time to buy gold on the RMAH ? Or whether you should buy that plan for a legendary item?

One thing you could do first, is to check how the prices have been going. The AH Price Tracker shows you a nice graph of the average prices on several days.

Auction House Price Tracker

Guide to the Hellfire Ring (Infernal Machine)

With patch 1.0.5 comes Infernal Machine. Infernal Machine is a place you can fight uber bosses, and the rewards are great – the Hellfire Ring.

Screenshot from Bloodshot:

Diablo 3 Hellfire Ring

How to get the Hellfire Ring?

Apparently it is recommended that you have 5 stacks before killing and doing it on the highest monster power you can, this should higher your chances on getting a key, keys do not have 100% drop rate, but it would seem as though on the PTR the keywardens have a 100% spawn rate.

  • First one spawns in Act 1 – Fields of Misery
  • Second one spawns in Act 2 – Dahlgur Oasis
  • Third one spawns in Act 3 – Stonefort
  • Last one Act 4 – Silverspire (Drops the plan)

Take the Plan and the keys to the blacksmith, get him to craft a machine. From what I see you only have to get the plan once, but need 3 sets of keys to get all the organs.
Once find all the keys and Infernal Machine plan and craft go to the last quest in Act 1, you have to return to New Tristram and talk to the healer. After, the house directly to the northeast will open up as the “Heretic’s Abode.” Inside you will be able to use the Infernal Machine to create a portal (the item is used in this process).
Portals created with the Infernal Machine: 1. Rakanoth and Ghom 2. Siegebreaker and Kulle 3. Magdha and Skeleton King. Good luck killing them, I was watching when some of the top 3 barbs were taking on seige and kulle, then kulle enraged and one shotted all them haha. I do suppose it was on monster power 10 and both bosses had 300+ mill hp.
Your reward for your efforts:
The Hellfire Ring Plan is found off Squirt the Peddler in act 2. The mats needed are: [Vengeful Eye]x1 [Devil’s Fang]x1 [Writhing Spine]x1 [gold]x50,000
There are four version that can be crafted. The rings have the following stats

  • 170-200 Of your stat (Dex/strn/int) or 100 vit
  • 4 random props
  • Increased XP by 35%
  • Chance to launch an explosive ball of Hellfire when you attack

This is currently only on patch 1.0.5 on the PTR. We will update the guide when we get more information when the patch is finally released.

Lengendary Sword – Sever: Making 20 Mill. DPS Crits

A new legendary called Sever, has a special ability – “Slain enemies rest in pieces.” What this does, it that the last hit you make on a monster that will kill it, will increase the damage like crazy !! If you at the same time have, lets say 2.5 % life steal, you will get instantly healed when you kill an enemy.

Watch this video for example.