Diablo 3 EHP Calculator (Effective Health Pool)

Survivability in Diablo 3 is not just about getting enough vitality or life. Things like dodge chance, all resistance, armor and melee reduction has a big impact of your survivability!

This is why we talk about your effective health pool (EHP). Your EHP determines your real survivability against monster attackts.

A short FAQ about EHP.

What does EHP stand for?
I think originally EHP started as ‘Effective Hit Points’, over the course of years it has gotten a lot of varations and I tent to use ‘Effective Health Pool’.
So what is it?
EHP is how much raw damage you can take before you die.

How do you calculate it?
So we calculate it by taking your HP and then adding all your damage reduction to it.
Usually this is from multiple sources, such as armor, resistance, skills, passives, etc.

Why do you care about EHP?
Higher EHP means we can take more damage before you die, which means we can survive longer.

So, how do YOU calculate it??

Well, the easiest way is with a good EHP Calculator. I highly recommend this EHP Calculator. Its very easy to use, just put your stats in. You can also compare if an item is an upgrade, just click the “Item compare” and put in the stats.

Effective Health Pool Calculator

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    That EHP thingy in Diablo 2 was SOOO broken it’s unbelievably wrong xd. By the way nice article, no one’s talking about that stuff on the forums actually :p

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    Looks great i’m gonna check it out.