Guide to the Hellfire Ring (Infernal Machine)

With patch 1.0.5 comes Infernal Machine. Infernal Machine is a place you can fight uber bosses, and the rewards are great – the Hellfire Ring.

Screenshot from Bloodshot:

Diablo 3 Hellfire Ring

How to get the Hellfire Ring?

Apparently it is recommended that you have 5 stacks before killing and doing it on the highest monster power you can, this should higher your chances on getting a key, keys do not have 100% drop rate, but it would seem as though on the PTR the keywardens have a 100% spawn rate.

  • First one spawns in Act 1 – Fields of Misery
  • Second one spawns in Act 2 – Dahlgur Oasis
  • Third one spawns in Act 3 – Stonefort
  • Last one Act 4 – Silverspire (Drops the plan)

Take the Plan and the keys to the blacksmith, get him to craft a machine. From what I see you only have to get the plan once, but need 3 sets of keys to get all the organs.
Once find all the keys and Infernal Machine plan and craft go to the last quest in Act 1, you have to return to New Tristram and talk to the healer. After, the house directly to the northeast will open up as the “Heretic’s Abode.” Inside you will be able to use the Infernal Machine to create a portal (the item is used in this process).
Portals created with the Infernal Machine: 1. Rakanoth and Ghom 2. Siegebreaker and Kulle 3. Magdha and Skeleton King. Good luck killing them, I was watching when some of the top 3 barbs were taking on seige and kulle, then kulle enraged and one shotted all them haha. I do suppose it was on monster power 10 and both bosses had 300+ mill hp.
Your reward for your efforts:
The Hellfire Ring Plan is found off Squirt the Peddler in act 2. The mats needed are: [Vengeful Eye]x1 [Devil’s Fang]x1 [Writhing Spine]x1 [gold]x50,000
There are four version that can be crafted. The rings have the following stats

  • 170-200 Of your stat (Dex/strn/int) or 100 vit
  • 4 random props
  • Increased XP by 35%
  • Chance to launch an explosive ball of Hellfire when you attack

This is currently only on patch 1.0.5 on the PTR. We will update the guide when we get more information when the patch is finally released.

  • William#2284

    Are they gonna nerf the Firebolt that the ring sends?
    Some people on Youtube kills diablo (normal) at lvl 1 :P

  • Admin

    Yea, they already nerfed it :-)

  • miguel

    Whos’s the girl in the video
    She’s gorgeous!

  • Ezekiel

    How can some one kill Diablo at lvl 1? Surely they’d have leveled by the time the reach the end of act 4!? Especially with 35% Exp bonus on the ring :P